Abstract Submission Instructions
Important Date
  • Abstract submission due, Extend to May 15, 2017.
  • Abstract acceptation notification, May 31, 2017.
Topics Classification
1.Basic Science, Instrumentation, Quality Control and New Tech 13.Otolaryngology & Head Neck Ultrasound
2.Breast Ultrasound 14.Interventional/perioperative/Anesthesiologic Ultrasound
3.Chest Ultrasound 15.Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
4.Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound 16.Nephro-/Urologic Ultrasound
5.Echocardiography 17.Neurosonology
6.Education in Medical Ultrasound 18.Ophthalmologic Ultrasound
7.Elastography 19.Pediatric Ultrasound
8.Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound 20.Preclinical Ultrasound
9.Endocrinology Ultrasound 21.Therapeutic Ultrasound
10.Fetal Echocardiography 22.Ultrasound in Small Parts
11.Gynecologic/Obstetric Ultrasound 23.Vascular Ultrasound
12.General and Abdominal Ultrasound 24.Veterinary Ultrasound
Guideline for Abstracts
The World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit an abstract for presentation at 16th World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Congress (WFUMB 2017 TAIPEI). This year the meeting is on October 13-17, 2017 at Taipei International Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan. To accommodate the large number of abstracts that are submitted and to fairly consider all abstracts as well as maintain the standard of excellence that the WFUMB is known for, these are the rules of the Call for Abstract program:
  • All submissions must be submitted in English. All text should use proper upper and lower case letters.
  • Work that has been published or presented elsewhere, may be submitted, but information is suggest to be provided to WFUMB 2017 TAIPEI Secretariat Office via email reg@wfumb2017.org.about where and when the work was presented or published.
  • Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the online abstract submission system before May 15, 2017. Abstracts received after this deadline will not be accepted for inclusion in the Congress.
  • There can be no more than ten (10) authors per abstract (including Presenting Author). Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for the content. The first author has contributed the most to the work, with other authors listed in descending order according to their level of contribution. The first author will be expected to be the presenting author. Disagreements about order need to be resolved by the authors, not the WFUMB. Any change in authors or the abstract after initial submission is suggested to approve by all authors.
  • All communication about the abstract will be sent to the person named as Presenting Author who agrees to forward all communication received about the abstract to all authors.
  • Decisions by the Scientific Program Committee for abstract acceptance in the program are final.
Instructions for Paper Abstracts and Poster Abstracts
The WFUMB requires a structured abstract. You will need to complete the following segments:
  • Objective: Begin with a clear, concise statement of the precise objective or question put forth in the study;
  • Methods: Indicate the primary study outcome measurement(s) as planned before data collection began. If the manuscript does not report the main planned outcomes of a study, this fact should be stated and the reason indicated. State clearly if the hypothesis being tested was formulated during or after data collection. Explain outcomes or measurements unfamiliar to a general medical readership.
  • Results: Describe the methods of assessing patients and state the key results; this section must include data, even if preliminary.
  • Conclusion: State clearly the conclusions and clinical applications that are supported by the data. Advice if additional study is required before this information should be used in clinical settings.
  • Please refer to the sample of abstract:
    Original:           Case Report:  

Online Submission Process
Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the online abstract submission system. Please sign up an account for the first time. You can update and modify your submission information by log in to the system before May 15, 2017. The overall limit for Title, Objective(s), Method(s), Result(s), Conclusion(s), and Keywords segments is 250 words maximum including spaces. During the online submission process, please complete the following information:
  • Author Information: Input author names, affiliations, and information in the designated boxes. Do not include author names in the title or body of your abstract.
  • Body of the Abstract: The overall limit for Title, Objective(s), Method(s), Result(s), Conclusion(s), and Keywords segments is 250 words maximum including spaces. Each segment must be completed before the abstract can be successfully submitted. If any segment does not apply to your abstract, please enter N/A in the field.
  • Submission Category: Assign your abstract to one of the 24 categories listed. This determines where in the program your abstract will be assigned, if accepted.
  • Review your abstract and make revisions if needed. No changes can be made to the title, authors or body of the abstract after May 15, 2017.
Please note that table, diagram and picture are not allowed in the abstract. Abbreviations used in abstracts must be defined. Abbreviations are permitted in titles if they immediately follow the term being abbreviated and are enclosed in parentheses. If used in the text, they should be defined at first mention if not already defined in the title.
Confirmation of Abstract Submission
An acknowledgement of abstract submission will be automatically sent to the presenting author by email upon completion of the online submission. This letter is not an acceptance notification but an acknowledgement of your abstract submission. It is the responsibility of each individual to verify the acknowledgement and carefully review the submitted abstract.
Notification of Abstract Acceptance
The Scientific Committee will review all abstracts that are submitted on time and are in accordance with the specified format. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any abstracts which fail to comply with the submission guidelines mentioned above. It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to notify other co-authors of the Committee's decision.
Author Registration
Applicants will receive notification of decisions regarding submissions by May. Author registration and full payment should be completed no later than 24:00 (GMT+8), June 30, 2017 which is the deadline for early bird registration. At least one author should register and complete the payment. One presenter could only register for 2 Abstracts most. Late registration and payment will cause abstract exclusion in the final program.
Information & Support
If you have questions about abstract guidelines, competitions or you're having technical difficulty during the abstract submission process, please email reg@wfumb2017.org.